We are known Nationally as Hospice Staffing Specialists     we added Home Care in 2010

Our roots in hospice recruitment began in 1996

    We are one the oldest and most experienced builders of hospice & Home Health Care in the country.   


Growing your hospice

Would you like to increase your census?

All hospices boast that their care is better or that their alternative programs are more supportive. With our innovative elite performance training program your hospice will have major three points to convey.

1. Presenting opportunity - Open the door to a referral source through our referral education program.

2. Identify appropriate account representatives - There are common denominators of a successful hospice representative. Our firm will help you assemble team that can and will succeed in representing your hospice.

3. Better trained staff - From the Volunteer to the CEO.  Performance training will build an elite core of hospice professionals.

   Results:  Better Patient Care * Better Hospice Experience for the Families * Better Equipped Staff  * Lower Turnover of Staff  * Boosted Referral Confidence *  New Sales Strategies to build name awarenessanced *  We help make your hospice unique by providing differentiations in enhased services = IncreasedAverage Daily Census


Interim management

Do you have a void in leadership?  

  We can help with our experienced development (sales) Directors. Our management consultants all have 

  large scale executive leadership experience with mastery within hospice. Each of our professional 

  consultants have a minimum of 15 years experience at the executive level.

Start up and being compliante

Need to start your hospice program?

   We can help you start your hospice program. With over 20 years of start up experience we will help you     establish a quality driven hospice. We will ensure that you are ready for survey. Quality assurance and       Performance Improvement is critical to maintain a trouble free environment. We can help prepare your       hospice 

                                                            Be Different and Call today! 

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