Hospice and Home Care requires expert recruiters

Hospice and Home Care recruiting  is an art and requires intimate knowledge of all aspects of operations.  Hospice is the only health care service that is based on a philosophy focusing on the body, mind and spirit.  We build hospices through our grass roots recruitment process to ensure that our clients have the highest caliber hospice appropriate staff.                   WE KNOW HOSPICE and HOME CARE

 "The crew  at Hospice Staffing    Specialists has placed hundreds of key  personnel during my 10 year tenure as  Recruitment Manager at Vitas  Innovative Hospice care. They  know how to source the right people  who can build and grow your hospice!"                                                                              Mike Moody                                                National Recruitment Manager                Vitas Healthcare 


    Hospice and Home Care Staffing Specialists is one of the oldest and most experienced       

   hospice recruiting firms in the nation.We are proud of our history in hospices.

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Hospice & Home Care Staffing Specialists Home Care Recruiting Specialists

Dartmouth Hitchcock Health System Hospice Director
Community Hospices PA Chief Clinical Officer
Moments Hospice MN, (start up)- President, etc.
Odyssey 10 Executive Directors
Hospice of the Good Shepherd (FL) DOCS
President and CEO  Agape Hospice Shreveport, LA 
​​​VP  VNS Home Care and Hospice  McLearin Health System  Vice President (Regional) Vitas Healthcare CIO Vitas Healthcare - 12 General Managers Vitas Healthcare nationwide Executive Director Family Hospice Care Las Vegas, NV
Executive Director Seasons Hospice - Los Angeles (10 positions) Clinical Director - Hospice of Springfield 9 Clinical Directors Vitas Health care nationwide 13 Clinical Managers Vitas Health care nationwide
2 Clinical Directors Development VP, 13 Market liasons 8 Admissions nurses  Capitol Caring Hospice Falls Church, VA 3 Admissions Nurses HR VP, Sales Directors, Clinical Directors Community Hospices Washington,
DC Clinical Manager The Hospices of the Florida Suncoast (Encompass) Various positions
Hospice of the Good Shepherd Clinical DIrector Compassionate Hospice Care Georgia
Interim Healthcare Clinical Managers 6 States
Clinical Managers Embracing Hospice Eatotown, NJ Outcomes Directors Clinical Direcors AseraCare Fort Smith, AR 
59 Sales Managers Various Hospices
197 Sales Representatives Various Hospices 
Agape Hospice IT Director - President
Masonic Care, CT Executive Directors & Clinical Directors
Multiple Start up VItas Healthcare - Full Staff assembly

Other Notable Clients -
          Jacob Perlow-Hospice  - Las Vegas Continum Hospice - NY, NY Evercare Hospice - National
Good Shepherd Hospice - Dallas Good Shepherd -Cleveland, OH  Beacon Hospice - Boston, MA Hospice of the North Shore - Boston Merrimak Hospice -Lawerance, MA Trinity Hospice - Nationwide Hampstead Hospital- Hampstead, NH MedStarHeath System DC    

RPO Clients
Concentration Nurse Sourcing

Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, MD
Community Hospices - Washington, DC Maryland Northern Virginia
​Prince William Health System -Manassas,VA Memorial Health System - Springfield,IL

Key Placements:

more than 1500 members

Critical needs demans fast action. Our seasoned hospice administrator consultans can manage while your search is in progress.

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For years we  have  supported the nation's finest providers - Local- regional and national based companies. 

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Hospice  and Home Care recruiting specialists.  Our initial core focus was hospice but as times change we must change along with it. As the Nation's most experienced firm of its type.  We recruit and network to find the most appropriate person for your organization that will set the tone for company.


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We are known Nationally as Hospice Staffing Specialists     we added Home Care in 2010

Our roots in hospice recruitment began in 1995

    We are one the oldest and most experienced builders of hospice & Home Health Care in the country.